TOP-SIGNAGE Put the signage on the vending machine (called Top Signage)

Weather forecast, temperature / humidity, railroad information, news, eateries and apparel information of neighborhood and so on are displayed. For those who like music and movies, you can change the display according to the user, such as live information of the Yokohama Arena and Budokan, information for movies currently being screened are displayed. Or

Video distribution is another way of use for top signage


Why don’t you put a top signage on a vending machine at the shopping area or near the train station. Certainly, you may get an offer not only to attract attention but to advertise from a third party. Since it can send coupons to smart phone from top signage, coupons such as restaurants, apparel, Beef Bar-Be-Cue restaurant, pork cutter are downloaded to the smart phone of the passing persons, and motivation of consumer’s consumption is spurred up.  Let your vending machines brighten the street and make it vibrant. It becomes a part of the city. It is not just a vending machine. It is a tile plate. Let’s make your street fun or shopping area where everyone gathers. It turns into a beautiful colorful vending machine at night, watching top signage, having a cup of coffee in front of top signage. It’s a signage that makes everyone feel so good.

We will respond your diverse needs besides just using it with a part of the vending machine


  1. Advertising revenue from shops and stores by using it as a message tool
  2. It can also be used as an internal communication tool as an in-house message board / bulletin board
  3. Display information in the neighborhood store and promote the revitalization of the town
  4. Display of event videos and show off images in nearby shopping districts
  5. Station map guide (voice correspondence possible)
  6. Push notice function to smart phone (sales promotion)
  7. Prompt evacuation guidance application (J-Alert) can be included in signage (local government permission and additional fee are required)



Panel Inch 43 inch
Water Proof IP65
Panel Type LED
Resolution 1920×1080
Aspect 16:9
Candela (CD/m2) 2000
Pixel Pitch 0.49mm×0.49mm
Endurance Temperature -20℃~+80℃
Glass Reinforced Glass (5mm)
Hardware & OS
OS android5.1
Touch Screen Not Available
WEB Camera & Micro Phone Not Available
Sensor Auto Brightness Adjustment / Auto Temperature Adjustment
Speaker 10W×2
Wi-Fi Yes
Bluetooth4.0 Yes
4G Yes
Dimension Height(mm) 590
Length (mm) 1000
Depth (mm) 300
Power Source Voltage 100V
Price $3800
(not included transportation cost and tax)