NOViUS is a company that maximizes an efficiency of mall management, medium-to-large scale retail store, social infrastructure by utilizing beacon and digital signage

In order to expansion the use of digital signage as one of social infrastructure, we would also like to create various applications and new mechanisms of IoT related technology

We will utilize our technologies that are motivated by using our patents and will continue to challenge the cutting-edge technology by development of AI, VR, AR, and never-seen

smart phone and signage applications.


NOViUS is a company that has been established with the object of “Age of loT”. The current loT technology is nothing more than just connecting things with internet without a particular technology and creed. We would like to connect mainly smart phone with beacon and digital signage by using AI, VR, 1-to-1 communication method without individual information. What we connect is peer to peer based on key word and likings.. We will provide desired society where individuals can connect each other and develop technology and services for better and liveable environment.

Patents including our short range communication are developed with an eye to the arrival such times, and it is possible to provide highly versatile product and services and systems that should offer the world in the future


Company Name NOVIUS inc.
Address Aoyamapura-su・kanada1F, 7-3-37, Akasaka , Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0052, Japan
Phone 03-6894-7528
FAX 03-6894-7701
Capital 2000 million JPY
Establishment December. 17, 2015
CEO Tomoko Fujino
Business Our business is to integrate Beacon/SmartPhone/Desital Signage,develop and sell,
Unique Signage development and Application system sales development accompanying it, Development and sales to operate it.

Hachioji Office

Address Eikura Building 2F, 2-17, Hachimancho, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo, 192-0053, Japan
Phone 042-686-3571
FAX 042-686-3573