BAKZO Sales Promotion Application

BAKZO is a sales promotion system that is based on our patent and responds to consumer behavior in the new era tool to magnify the sales. The worries of the shop owner and store manager who currently manage with the shop are varied and can solve the following worries.

In their current sales system. I think that there are various worries in managing each tenants as well as the mall. The sales promotion system “BAKZO” can grasp where the issue origins so that customer’s actions can be taken, and tracks from visit to purchase, leave, re-visit and analyzes their behaviors.

In addition, you can create new communication channels by connecting customers’ smart phones and interacting with each other. As for personal information, we ONLY use UUID so we have a mechanism to prevent from leaking data to public. We only use attributed information such as gender (male or female9, age, occupation.

Send coupon

comment on merchandize

chat with Neighbors

Writing into SNS

PUSH Notice

Word-of-mouth communication PUSH notice sent to smart phone users Leads to expansion of a sale    inviting to come to stores

We’d like to grasp the trend of the customers who can track down in the mall.

Visitor’s line of flow is used for analyzing of merchandize in the store.Want to know how long customers have stayed within the mall and where they moved.Propose a planning to re-visit the stores again.Send a promotion and advertisement to 1-to-1

Practical example at a store

Installing outdoor or indoor signage at a shop front and send useful information such as sales information to customer’s smart phone and encourage entering the store.

As an example of actual use at a supermarket, we will use a wall hanging type or an indoor KIOSK type in a store to send out  information to producers, recipes and advertisements using vegetables selling, and increase the willingness to purchase.

Furthermore, having beacon carried around by store staff, information can be transmitted from the beacon, too. Beacon can act as alter-ego, and immediately profile of sales staff to customer’s smart phone.

Personal data not leaking is clear

  • Due to using UUID as device ID, we do not specify individuals data is not needed .Only need is attribution
  • Utilize only ID and attributed data of for initial acquisition·
  • Use nickname or AKA when sending info to individuals from server, which prevents from leaking personal data
  • Card or Address or Phone number, those should obtain from another company information.
  • There is no worries of leaking personal data directly from BAKZO system.
  • Delivering merchandize to his/her address can be available additionally with customer's consent.