MULTI-SIGNAGE It meets your expectations and requirements in various occasions.


This multi-signage is not only limited to displaying advertisements, but also could buying tickets by using credit cards/debit cards. Also, amazingly, coupons are coming out of the

digital signage, and ready to use them immediately at the near-by stores. This signage has

received lots of attention and being requested to install at the various locations in Japan.

By using our patent, it can use as “Kawaraban” (Message Transmitter)for the members of

“NOViUS your time).


Our patent technology is to divide the screen into separate areas:Premium and Standard area. It is a privilege to use the premium area by paying membership fee or register with

special status.

Main purpose of digital signage is to show off advertisements but this digital signage is identified with the customer’s own ID in the installed application and this premium area  (patented technology)  It shows useful information such as local event, famous person

coming, and on-going bargain near by stores and so on. If you want to be a member for “Novius Your Time” You can buy a membership by using suica, cedit card or debit card. 

Advertisement is flowing at all time on the standard area of display, As for premium area of display, It can be very useful for people from foreign countries, it list off reasonable hotel, guest houses, where your country man gathering, souvenir store, and so on. (Examples of functions to be used including tourist information, gourmet coupons, functions such as translating Japanese into English or vice versa

Right Side



Display Inch Size 46inch
Resolution 1920×1080
Aspect 16:9
Candela 1000cd
Hardware & OS CPU Quad core Cortex-A17 2.0GHZ
OS Android5.1
USB sockets 4 sets
Micro USB socket 1 set
Video & Image Yes
Speaker Yes
Touch Screen Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
4G Yes
Bluetooth4.0 Yes
Wireless LAN Yes
SONY Felica Card Reader Yes
WEB Camera & Micro Phone Yes
Size & Weight Height (mm) 1800
Width (mm) 950
Depth (mm) 850(mm)
Weight (kg) 150kg
Power Voltage AV110-240V、50/60HZ
Power Consumption
Price Open price (ask us)
(not including transportation and tax)