Manga GuN

Technology System


Super Manga-Gan can be colorizing and gradating by AI automatically. You do not edit nor process by high-level skills that need to demonstrate these procedures. AI can do coloring and gradation by AI driven color codes


This fantastic tool will come out to the market very soon. It will bring game change in the industry.


A Tensor flow implementation of Manga-GaN for fast coloring animation ! which uses the GaN framework to transform real-world live video into anime images


To cause to pass imperceptibly from one degree, shade, or tone to another: gradated the light in the painting's background. Also , in order to arrange in or according to grades by AI

Live line drawing to coloring and gradating by AI driven software

"AI will colorize and gradate live line drawings. 

So animator does not need to edit nor process anymore. In a sense, this is AI animator"