First AI utilization on-line job hunting counseling

What is it for?

How do we live in the age of Corona era? We can provide AI-evaluated analysis, industry research, company analysis, interview practice, career consultation, assignment consultation, etc.
This is a program that allows you to take on-line instructions to make job hunting in advantage.

the solution to the worries

Due to the spread of corona virus infection, people are required to change to a "new lifestyle", and Corona's evil has greatly shaken the way of working and the organization. At companies that have introduced remote work (teleworking), there are many voices of joy, but there are also many who say, "I miss my interaction with colleagues, and feel lonely." There is a tendency to reduce contact with people and increase psychological burden.AI is the solution to the worries of people working in such organizations with BEAT567.


The following benefits can be expected by using AI analysis for interviews with counselors

About Analysis

Facial expression evaluation and voice analysis (joy, sadness, surprise, anger, contempt, disgust, normal) are graphed and evaluated and analyzed from slight facial expression changes.
Currently, AI (artificial intelligence) is used as an auxiliary tool for human counseling, but BEAT (artificial intelligence) developed by NOVIUS digitizes human emotions in real time and graphs them, and by combining them, counseling to be held.Since the person's emotions are judged based on the majority of facial expression data, even in situations where one's emotions could not be expressed well, such as those that could not be measured until now, or even emotions that could not be translated into words were read. You will be able to do useful analysis.