The inside sales "Hub Box" of the new era is designed not only for designating sales talk but also for encountering various scenes such as one-to-one business talks and meetings with many people. By using the video interface we developed could hook-up with ZOOM. Hub Box will launch the system automatically. The connectivity of ZOOM and the excellent image and sound quality can be used as the communication platform of Hub Box. The server is also independently developed and uses Google Server


①Cheating Paper:It only displays screen of sales side  In-house sharing with veteran sales②Re-tasking function:Allows advice from superiors during business negotiations.③Screen capture function:Paste file material on whiteboard④Memorandum:Display screen only visible to sales side⑤Transcription:English & Japanese⑥Time reminder:Inform both parties when the time is up⑦Business card function: Profile sheet⑧Teaching:Record the conversation, and the superior will advise you later⑨Client PC: Execute with user authority⑩ Animating Face: Both faces change like animated⑪Self Emotion Check: Check your emotional level before starting on-line talks or prior to visiting customers.

Looking for monitoring

we are looking for Hub Box monitoring(free)

Inside sales will be replaced by field sales by 2022

If the product description or business negotiation is rather complicated, we recommend that you make part of the sales activities by remote. A one-time interview with Insight Sales will reduce the number of visits to poor prospects and reduce wasted travel time. Field sales will be able to focus on sales and closing process.