real time video transfer

what is real time video transfer?

Realtime STYLE TRANSFER(real-time video transfer) is a style transfer live video, cartoon, animation where the image is converted into artistic styles according to the pattern of the animator, painter, or painting. It is applicable to TV broadcasting, You Tube, Netflix, and web videos etc.)

real-time Video transfer

Patented style transfer technology
Patent number: 6529102

It is very unrecognized in Japan, and It is almost that no one can answer immediately when asked “what is real-time style transfer”
Video contents are an integral part of our daily lives and are closely connected to us. The technology to transfer these video contents in real time by applying effects to them is called real-time style transfer. Overseas, there are various universities and research institutes that specialize in researching real-time style transfer as academics.
It is an academic and research as image recognition technology and image conversion technology.

Fields of application

NOVIUS offers the followings: Smartphone with real-time video recording functions, security camera with real-time effects to protect privacy, signage, and other services with video contents.

It can be used to animate and effected images already stored on Youtube, Net Flix or other web site videos.It can also be used to animate people, buildings, and scenery captured by cameras installed in the city, and tourist spot, telework meeting, TV stations, Net TV. Live e-learning can be converted into live animated images.There are wide scope of use of real-time style transfer technology.

Industrial Applications of NOVIUS Real-time Style Transfer Technology

Newly image optimized Technology called “NOVIUS Image Optimizer” is now commercially available. The features of this technology have huge potential to transform from entertainment to any industry such as fashion, architecture, new trendy car design and advertisement. Style transfer has the potential to drastically reduce the design process and perform creative inference on each frame after extracting frames from TV or video.

One of the things that excites us the most about the predictive analytics is how quickly and bluntly. it surpasses the existing benchmarks. Image optimizer penetrates the entertainment and industries where human creativity has traditionally dominated long time. However, NOVIUS Image Optimizer adds a futuristic touch to those domains.

Another fun thing about the style transfer is that you can watch TV and video in any style you want. There are many ways to do this, such as the style of a famous animator or painter. You can even watch TV or video in a medieval atmosphere style, which is as if you were exactly like going back to the past by a time machine.

When you watch TV or video and come across a unique design, you can instantly view and analyze each frame extracting watching video or TV. Each frame of the video is brought up on the screen and can be analyzed. This is real-time frame analysis. By carefully viewing 5, 10, or 15 frames, you can analyze the subtle differences in each frame. What a fun process! We believe that frame analysis using NOVIUS technology will become a major trend in the design industry in the coming years. The globalization of 5G will lastly bring a shift from edge AI to cloud GPU, and that real-time style transfer can be viewed on smartphone, tablet, and PC.