AI Image Platform

NOVIUS developed AI image platform (named: IKKYU) with the motto “applying from entertainment to manufacturing” it is a tool for real-time image processing by combining “style transfer”, “color transfer and “image classification”. By using these functions, various applications become possible. The Basic platform is AI + Open/CV + GAN + NOVIUS proprietary algorithms.

Visualization of customer behavior

AI signage can be used for face recognition, visitor count, attribution, and return rates, etc., identifying areas that are often seen by visitors by tracking flow lines, detecting suspicious persons (unusual behavior), detecting shoplifting (not for the purpose of catching the offenders, but to prevent it from happening again by alerting the offenders), and delivering coupons to good customers. Distribution of coupons and special offers to constantly visiting customers

Facial Recognition / Voice Analysis

The facial expression recognition application developed by NOVIUS is a technology that can capture detailed facial expression changes from facial images with high accuracy. We have collected a vast number of facial expressions from around the world and compiled them into a database. Based on the changes in facial expressions, we have developed a proprietary algorithm to quantitatively evaluate the user’s state and reactions, such as happiness, confusion, stress, and anger, and to convert and analyze emotions into data. We also envision applications in various fields.
We provide facial expression recognition AI that reads emotions from facial expressions.