About personal information protection

Novius places great importance on protecting the privacy of its users. This privacy policy explains how personal information, user data and message data are collected, used, protected and disclosed when using Novius services. By using the service, users are considered to agree to the following contents. If you do not agree to the following conditions, please stop using Novius.

Collection of information

personal information. Novius collects user status information, Novius ID, other personally identifiable information, etc. that the user provides to Novius, or is included in the Novius profile and ID, and that the user has selected. Novius may collect user information that can be collected from mobile phones when users download and use Novius (all the information described above is referred to as “Personal Information”).

Users may be required to provide certain personal information during registration or other use of Novius services. Providing that information is a matter of choice for the user, and it is not a duty to provide the requested information. However, if specific information is not provided, Novius may not be available or some features of Novius may not be available.

User data. Novius may collect information about specific usage such as user login time, usage period, fraudulent use records, etc. (referred to as “user data”).

message. When sending and receiving messages using Novius, Novius processes and stores the user’s messages, logs, contact data, and other related information (referred to as “message data”).

Payment information. If the user purchases additional services such as digital products, Novius will request payment information such as credit card issuer, card number, expiration date, PIN, mobile phone number, communication carrier name, SMS approval number etc. there is.

Basically, Novius uses personal information and message data only for the purpose of providing services, for notifying new products and services, and for internal purposes such as using it for communication with users. We will not provide personal information or message data to third parties without your permission, except for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

Novius collects friends’ phone numbers and third-party phone numbers registered in the address book to enable friends who can communicate directly through Novius, or users who may be acquainted. Automatically search and register. When Novius is installed, Novius will use it as the account information together with the ID provided by the user. This is to validate and prevent fraudulent use of user accounts, assuming that Novius is not liable for losses due to fraudulent use.

Service Provider Novius may establish a business relationship with a third party who has confirmed that the handling of personal information matches Novius (“Service Provider”). For example, we may contract with a service provider to provide services such as server hosting and maintenance, customer relationship management, data storage and management, and direct marketing campaigns. Novius provides service providers with only the information they need to provide services. Each service provider agrees to protect information with appropriate safeguards to prevent unauthorized access, use or leakage of the user’s personal information and message data. In addition, personal information and message data that Novius does not designate can not be used.

Advertising Networks Novius may cooperate with third party marketing and advertising companies (“advertising networks”). These companies may collect and use information about users’ use of Novius services to provide advertisements for products and services that they are interested in. Ads can also be seen from Novius. This privacy policy does not apply if the ad network uses information collected directly from you. In addition, this privacy policy does not apply to information provided by users to advertising networks or advertisers who advertise products or services through Novius.

Marketing Activities Novius may use user cookie information to investigate the number of users and traffic conducted as part of marketing activities, or to improve Novius services.
In addition, Novius may store and refer to Novius cookies via third party sites that outsource Novius ad delivery.

Standard analysis data Novius may use Novius’s specific user data or provide it to third parties. However, these data do not include information that can identify the individual user.

Other Transfers Novius may share personal information, user data, and message data with Novius’ controlling companies, controlled companies, and companies in the same control structure as Novius. In the case of real-face mergers, acquisitions, sales or partial or complete asset sales, we may disclose or transfer personal information, user data, or message data regarding those transactions. In the transfer of personal information, the user can choose not to participate if the new business entity plans to handle the user information in a way that is largely different from this privacy policy, as determined by Novius’ own judgment.

Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement Novius adheres to the law and works with governments and law enforcement agencies. Therefore, if you have the following trust, personal information, user data, message data, or other information about the user may be disclosed. (a) to comply with applicable laws, laws, legal procedures, legally enforceable governmental requirements, or (b) to investigate possible violations of the Novices terms of use, etc. , (C) fraud, security issues, in the case of prosecution, prevention, or handling of technical issues, or (d) when required by law, or to the extent permitted, by novice or novice user, or by the public To prevent any harm to rights, property or safety.
Attention to information shared with other users

The information shared to the user’s profile is the information that other Novius users can access. In addition, if a user shares specific information with a third party, that information may be transmitted through others or may be released to the public. As a result, there is a possibility that the information may be used for some purpose, such as an unauthorized person who has access to the information may contact the person for approval.

Novius places emphasis on securing the confidentiality of your personal information and message data. Novius has taken various steps to secure your information from unauthorized access, but we can not guarantee 100% the security of data sent and received over the Internet or other networks. Although Novius strives to protect information sent and received on and through Novius, it can not guarantee the security of information sent and received on Novius or through Novius, nor does it guarantee it. Users should use Novius at their own risk.
Link to other websites

Novius’ service allows links to other web sites to be included and allows others to send them links. Allowing links to third party websites does not mean that real-face authorizes them or that they are related to Novius. Novius can not control or control these third party websites. It is the user’s own responsibility for the user to access the third party website. Therefore, when a user provides personal information to those websites, be sure to check the privacy policy of the website in advance.
Manage user information preferences

Users can review, correct, update and change their personal information at any time by changing the relevant settings of their profile and account (only if applicable). If you have any questions about this privacy policy, or if you have any questions or concerns, please email us at privacy@novius.com
Underage privacy protection

Novius does not intentionally collect personal information from minors under 14 years of age. By using Novius, you are deemed to have agreed that you are at least 14 years old. If it is perceived that you have collected personal information from a minor under 14 years of age, Novius will remove that information from your records. Also, it is recommended that minors over 14 years of age obtain parental permission before transmitting information to the person over the Internet.

Revision of privacy policy

This privacy policy may be revised. The revised privacy policy will be posted on the Novius website or app. The revised content shall be effective from the revised date of the revised privacy policy. By continuing to use Novius, you are deemed to agree to the changed privacy policy.