ーAt Firstー

Two of them target near-field communications, apply filtering to content, and get only the information you want. The first is limited to the “Bluetooth” communication technology, which has become very popular today in various devices, and the second is all RF standards (Wi-Fi, Zig-Bee , Z-wave etc.) is applied for patent content. And above all, it seems that it will become popular in the future, and it is developed to be compatible with Peer-to-Peer communication (where terminals operating on a network communicate by communication in a one-on-one correspondence). I will. ※ The fourth patent is scheduled to be acquired this year (automatic animation related)

ーAbout short distance communicationー

Conventional technology

As a basic function of “Bluetooth”, there is a function to detect radio waves of beacons and smartphones and display corresponding information as shown in the above figure.

Novius Development Patent Technology

In contrast to the prior art, the NOVIUS patent reads corresponding display data by comparing the data on the server side with the data linked to the terminal side (smartphone) or filtering when the smartphone receives a beacon signal. It is NOVIUS patented technology that can be done.

Application of short distance communication technology

How to Control

By setting the information you want to notify in advance to the signage server, it is possible to display it at any time you like. In addition, it is possible to set to transmit the beacon radio wave from signage. If you do that, it will also be possible to display information on user terminals such as smartphones.

ーAbout Programmingー

The third patent is about authority. Below is the patented technology unique to Novias that the screen is divided into a shared area and a personal area as shown in the figure using multi-signage.

ーApplication of patented technologyー

It is a communication method that does not require a base station every several kilometers currently planned and tested by a major US company, Qualcomm. It is a patent acquired in anticipation of the time when smartphones and mobile phones can be talked by this method. When “Bluetooth” and “Wi-Fi Aware” become commonplace, it is possible for RF terminals equipped on smartphones and mobile phones to replace base stations. For example, it is a communication method passing through RF terminal of Mr. A, Mr. B, Mr. C. The possibilities of rural and rural areas are uncertain, but are becoming realistic in urban areas.