AI used live ”Real time” style Transfer for Streaming by Japanese venture NOVIUS company successfully developed

NOVIUS, AI x IoT startup based in Tokyo announced that it has joined NVIDIA Inception

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TOKYO, JAPAN, July 16, 2021 This is a new technology, “Realtime” Style Transfer that allows users to watch videos in their preferred style by combining edge AI and GAN (adversarial generation network). It is possible to animate and apply effects to images already stored in videos on websites such as You Tube and Netflix in real-time. By integrating real-time style conversion
technology with artificial intelligence, the possibilities for creating effects are endless.  In the conversion of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and Francis Picabia’s “Udiny”, the AI learns from a single piece of teacher data and converts the TV image in real time according to the style of the painting. Live conversion of video in line with the painting style of your favorite animator or
painter is possible .
(You can watch a famous painter’s painting, Occult style, Mosaic style ,and more by this video. This is Real-Time Style Transfer technology demonstration video. This video is switching to a
different effect.) This is a video conversion technology available for YouTube, Netflix, Video site, Net TV, etc. This is a technology to convert live video into painting style in real time to enjoy various effects. Now, we have developed this technology so that it can be viewed not only on TVs, but also on smart phone and tablet. We can also animate people, buildings, and landscapes captured by cameras installed in cities,  tourist spots, telework meetings, TV stations, and Internet TV. It is also possible to convert live  elearning into live animation. It can be said that there is a wide range of applications for real-time style transfer technology.

NEXT PROJECT with Realtime Style Transfer
NOVIUS will design and develop advanced AI that creates short animation and cartoon by inputting the following information
1)Write or voice synopsis of the story.
2)Write or voice in the ending of the story.
3)Specify duration of time (normally 60sec~120sec)
4)Upload photos and videos of the characters or possibly your avatar
5)That short animation and cartoon characters will be created in real time according to the story
you have written or voice from synopsis to ending of the story.
6)This will allow to fine-tune the scene later on.

If we can successfully develop this AI tool, we can reign supreme as a video creation tool in new
fields such as image video and animation video creation tool

NOVIUS develops AI software for real-time style transfer based solutions and image analysis for
advanced real-time operations. It adds value to images in line with Japan’s rich animation history
of providing innovative image platforms. NOVIUS is a pioneer in breakthroughs in real-time style
transfer technology.

Look for Investors
NOVIUS is looking for investors to invest in the ultimate thinkable AI technology:
AI that draws characters and avatar based on scripts or voice and then creates animations and