You can apply six kinds of effects to on-going camera images (front and back) in real time, and guide yourself to the world of animated while walking on the street. and can upload animated images and videos created to SNS

This technology can be applied to VR, Drone, Video Camera,Net TV, Photo Booth Machine etc.

B1 –  Dramatic ally Animated

B2 –  Negatively Animated

B3 –  Funny Face (Eye, Nose, Mouse and more)

B4 –  Monochrome

B5 –  Line Drawing

B6 –  Animated

From the animation to see, to the inside of world of animation itself 

On-time (no time lag)  in-puting  image from the front and back camera of the smart-phone is
an application that you can enjoy by
ex-perienceing various effects.