Novius Thinking

As a company that develops artificial intelligence, we need to think more and more about human resources.
The true value of human resources is being questioned.

Humans are not perfect, we are imperfect creatures, we are built to forget.
In addition to that, we believe that attachment and community among human beings are born.

Novius also aims to change the way we recruit people, and there is a community within the company.
The diversity itself is where change is born.
We aim to create a company that inspires the creation of new ideas.
In order to do so

No matter your age, disability, appearance, or age.
nationality, race, past, and
It doesn’t matter what your background or motivation is.

If you have a different nature from others, is that an obstacle?

My thoughts on human resources are
There is only one, plus one.
It is ability and intuition.
That’s it.
From now on, people who excel in any one ability will be rewarded.
It doesn’t matter your age, disability, or national borders, we think, as long as you work and make up for each other’s shortcomings.
We at novius work with such people and envision the future.