AI Animation TV Live Demo

Novius Inc. began in the development of animations and smart-phone apps, and specializes in cutting-edge IT development, and has acquired four domestic / overseas patents related to them in its fourth year in business. You (Including one patent acquired)

As our business philosophy Keep making IT technology not found in the world Continue to impress people The two are said from the beginning of entrepreneurship. And in the origin of the company name NOVIUS there is a meaning “to grow tomorrow”. We will develop patents for short distance communication and other patents owned by our company in anticipation of the arrival of that era, and it will be possible to provide highly versatile commodity service systems that are universal in the world.

In addition to creating services that can meet the expectations of our ustomers, we hope to create a company that can expand into the world.


Advanced technology comparable to other companies

Patents including short-distance communications held by Novius are highly likely to pass in the world from now on,
and we are proud that we have the development ability for software and
applications that is by no means inferior to other companies.

Company guide automatic animation

We have developed a video animation technology (patent applied) using
the new programming language 

and have launched a website

 that applies it.

Development service

Novius’ development services have something in common.
Even if the development process is an extremely difficult task,
We are developing with the mind that the people who actually take it can easily operate as a part of the body.