FACEPAL uses proximity communication to recognize common points with people nearby, If it matches, it is discovered at that point and it is committed to “find a real person in a real space”, It is possible to meet and exchange information in practice. “FACEBOOK”, “Twitter” etc. “We can not deny the possibility of meeting virtual people in a virtual space.” In other words, they may be interacting with people who do not actually exist. However, this FACEPAL can also be used to exchange information at exhibition halls, employment venues, sightseeing spots, university campuses, and so on. It also substitutes for a kind of business card exchange.

Application screen example

Download this app and walk around the exhibition hall etc. Then, from the place where the beacon was installed and introduced in advance, such as exhibitors, the beacon will react with the information from the exhibition booth and it will enter the app. And if the app is installed in the exhibit booth, you will be able to exchange information with the app smoothly and enter into business negotiations.