Facial Recognition / Voice Analysis

The facial expression recognition application developed by NOVIUS is a technology that can capture detailed facial expression changes from facial images with high accuracy. We have collected a vast number of facial expressions from around the world and compiled them into a database. Based on the changes in facial expressions, we have developed a proprietary algorithm to quantitatively evaluate the user’s state and reactions, such as happiness, confusion, stress, and anger, and to convert and analyze emotions into data. We also envision applications in various fields.We provide facial expression recognition AI that reads emotions from facial expressions.


Facial recognition and voice analysis can be converted into data through real-time quantification of instantaneous facial expression changes and pie charted

Face expression recognition for real-time transfer
Telework Class、Real-time Sales support tool etc,

Telework Class

Teacher can monitor the emotional stability of the students.Teacher will check the student’s satisfaction, and if there are any emotional problems, the teacher will consult with the counselor or parents.


Sales tools for the “new era” by AI utilized

「Hub Box」 is designed to be used not only for sales support, but also in a variety of other situations, such as 1:1 business meetings and multi-person conferences. Using our proprietary image platform, the Hub Box can be linked to ZOOM so that the online party only needs to install ZOOM to use the Hub Box, and ZOOM’s connectivity and excellent image and sound quality can be used as the Hub Box’s connection interface. The server function is also developed independently and uses Google Server.

AI that works with this system uses two axes, the originally developed facial recognition function and voice analysis from the speech, to read the other party’s emotions (the customer’s side) in real time, enabling online business negotiations to proceed from an advantageous position.


(1) An overwhelmingly large number of leads can be approached per day.
(2) Achieve results even with a small number of people (cost reduction)
(3) Effective measures against manpower shortage by improving business
(4) Standardization of work prevents personnel from being assigned to
  different jobs.
(5) New persons can be expected to perform as well as experienced employees.
(6) Nurturing function to nurture future customers


1) You may not be able to fully convey the appeal of your products to customers.
(2) Difficult to be trusted if you have never met the customer before.
(3) A system for sharing information within the company is required.