Information system that maximizes store potential

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What is BAKZO?

BAKZO uses a unique patented technology that only Novius can use Patented in Japan, a service that no other company has

The beacon installed in one store enables accurate location information acquisition for customers

From a transmitter called “Beacon”

  Perform near field communication to the customer’s smartphone terminal

2 Customer’s smartphone and store are connected, enabling two-way exchange of information

It can automatically transmit and receive signals such as digital coupons and product information to smartphones of users in a specific range

③Acquisition of customer information and big data analysis

For example, “When people come in through the front entrance, they go around from the front shop in turn, and” go back to the far end of the shop, “” Because everyone seems to be lost before going to the bathroom, Information will be obtained to make the signs to the toilet easier to understand

BAKSO also becomes POS

Clear personal information problems

The terminal ID used for 1 LOGIN does not identify an individual because it uses UUID. When speaking to individuals from 2 bars, individuals are not identified directly because they use nicknames. 3 Even if you need card information, address, and phone number, there is no concern that it will be leaked directly from our database as it is obtained from other companies’ information. Also, our database does not hold this information. (Patent category)

Roadmap to Introduction-Large and Medium-sized Stores-

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