There are four animation technologies and state-of-the-art technologies described below, including those with patent pending. There are two major new technologies in the industry.There is animation enjoy, Smart-Toy.

In the case of smartphones, there are differences in performance between manufacturers and models
Please note that the time of animation may not be possible depending on the differences and item content.
Web-Assembly technology is game development, network of surveillance cameras, 3-D / CAD,

Medical data acceleration, WEB acceleration, EC processing acceleration, AI development, etc. are possible in a wide range. consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Real-time Animation Technology

Fusion of Technology and Art

App can apply effects to any videos and come out real-time

From the animation to see, to the inside of world of animation itself

World First Technology.

IKKYU is not suitable for real time video that can be effected, but photos and postcards can be “ikkyu” formation in a few seconds to a few minutes. You can create animated videos in IKKYU. We think that it is most suitable for promotion and company PR video. Special processing of video that becomes picturesque and embossed.  Anyone can create specially processed videos on a PC without creator nor animator. Of course no editing nor processing is needed at all.

Fusion of Technology and Art


We accepted orders for IKKYU formatted video. It effects for existing videos and video footage. It is also possible to inject IKKYU formation  between videos and videos.


Price for IKKYU formation is $15 /per min based on video. Send us by MP4 format. It supports both image and photo that can convert into IKKYU formation. Of course, video can be IKKYU formatted, too.


IKKYU is a special imaging technology that transforms into image and photo and video that looks PICTURESQUE and EMBOSSED STYLE. No need for special skills or animation software possessed by creators and professionals. It is a system that allows amateurs to easily process image and photo and video standard on PC. (editing and processing work by professionals and creators is not required)

Target:Individual & You Tuber.This is an application that enjoys by applying various effects and create your own animated and effected videos. Now it is only available on You Tube, but it can apply a similar video site. Amazing point is that it can apply effects while watching live-on video in You Tube.

You can create animated and effected videos in sync (real time) from movie/video that you are watching (patent acquisition confirmed and world first technology). Effects including Animated, Monochrome, Line Drawing, Edge Drawing, even Line Painting and Jigsaw Puzzle created by your originality from videos are included and much more!! Effects can be freely created according to personal preferences. However, down loading your creation is not available.

Target: TV Broadcasting, Film company, Production, PR Planning firm, Advertising company,You can input/output any videos that can apply effects on. Basic functionality is the same as Anime Enjoy,but  Pro  is subscribed  $50/per month.

App can apply effects to any videos and come out real-time