Animation technology with WEB ASSEMBLY

What is Web assembly?

It is a kind of programming language. Compiled from source code written in C language etc.
This technology enables browser to execute high-speed machine language.

First of all, as JavaScript and other languages can do more complex things,
Web Assembly has been developed because of the issue of slow execution speed.
Of course there were similar development cases in the past,
This language was created under the agreement of major browser vendors such as Microsoft Mozilla and Google.
It can operate with almost all browsers including Chrome (※ except IE) Windows 10 (edge) is possible

※<Some Wikipedia reference> And the language of Web Assembly itself has not been researched and developed by us.

In summary…
・ Lightweight (as shown above, server down is reduced)
-High-speed start-High-speed operation-High confidentiality (The source code can not be seen) = Strong against dangerous access)


Introduction of WEB ASSEMBLY technology

WASM was designed for speed. The file is much smaller than Java Script, so it can be downloaded, decoded, and executed faster. WASM is not handwritten but compiled with specific tools such as LLVM and Emscripten for other high-level languages. ※ Emscripten is a compiler that converts LLVM Bit Code into JavaScript. Convert C / C ++ software to JavaScript. Due to its flexibility, a single base code can be maintained, resulting in simple updates. Also, WASM is very portable. There is only one compilation step, and the application can run on any browser.

 WEB ASSEMBLY biggest feature

Web Assembly × Novius animation technology Use scene

New-WEB browser utilization

Unlike the conventional WEB (request for data, wait for a while and then display and then start / work), it is possible to use the Web. For example, it is easy to press the button and immediately calculate and display


3D/CAD utilization

Using our developed WEBASSEMBLY technology, 3D / CAD drawings can be displayed, edited and shared easily. It can be equivalent to the application on the PC that displays the drawing

AI utilization

If combined with AI etc., development is possible directly in the browser without contacting the server

Use video editing

Can be used in places where high speed is required, such as adding an effect when playing back a movie or playing a video that is not supported by a browser (eg, using animation technology that applies WebAssembly when the production period or delivery date of an animation production company etc. is decided Is expected to further shorten the creation period)

Game development utilization

Code written in 3D, eg OpenGL, can be viewed directly on the WEB. It can be done anywhere regardless of the terminal (only the browser works as a requirement specification)