STYLE TRANSFER is a style conversion of live video, cartoon, animation where the image is converted into artistic styles according to the pattern of the animator, painter, or painting. It is applicable to TV broadcasting, You Tube, Netflix, and web videos etc.)

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Color Transfer

Color Transfer is a technology that can change the color of line drawings in TV cartoons, animation, You Tube, etc. Most of the animations from 1920 to 1960 and American cartoons at that time were in black and white (monochrome), but you can transform the color of these cartoons from black and white to sepia color or adding partial color. AI automatically converts the color tone, and no human editing or processing is in essence required.

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AI image platform_ COLOR TRANSFER_image
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Image Classification

Image Classification is not only used in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, but also in the field of AI image processing technology to reduce the burden on users during AI learning and implementation as AI x inspection becomes more and more popular and getting accepted. One possible scenario is that it is difficult to prepare a large amount of teacher data for AI implementation. In industries and companies where it is difficult to prepare a large amount of teacher data for AI implementation, IKKYU makes it possible to generate pseudo-sample data based on the characteristics of OK/NG data using AI image processing software, as long as a small number of OK/NG data (less than 10) is prepared.

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AI image processing technology will become essential; AI x robot x inspection device applications will be widely used in the future, requiring AI to reduce the burden on the user during learning process and implementation. The era of AI x robot x inspection device is almost here. Enhanced functionality will rely heavily on AI image processing technology. We believe that NOVIUS image platform address the challenges that industry will face in the future. By detecting scratches, stains, and shape changes on objects and automatically determining defective products and aging, we can ensure product quality and reduce the cost of visual inspection and monitoring.

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