(Ai Platform)

It is mainstream trend for animation drawings by 2D and 3D digital at animation production site, but there is still a lot of time and efforts, and the production site becomes less paid, the number of animator who has skill and experience decreases, and the age of animation site also becomes getting older. Along with that, our Ai Platform takes live-action shooting and process it into animation as it is, so we think that this platform can potentially become game change at the production site, and we can expect the number of time-consumed works that disappear.

Animations can be of interest because they are strong tendency for entertaining, regardless of generation. If you process a live-action movie into a cartoon look animation, you can convey object of contents clearly. Services and visions that do attention from all kinds of age.

With NOViUS Ai Platfrom, you can use a certain part of work that is done animated, or even edit and process by professional that are done by Ai Platform and combined that are done by Ai Platform (We call it Hybrid  Work)

The images on the right is excerpted from animation video by Ai Platform

Target: Individual

Live video for family growth recorded taken by video camera, Athletic day and cultural festival. Dance and drumming in summer festival and family travel can be like cartoon animated. Animated from live video is enjoyable. Especially, children feel that they pretend to be the main characters in cartoon.

 Have fun in a different sense than live-action videos.If it is a couple, we animate a live-action video of a wedding or honeymoon trip can be animated like cartoon.  


Video Company、Production、PR Planning ,TV Broad-casting ,Animation Studio、Game company、Music  Level,Edit a part or all of the live action and process it into animation