about us

Mission and Vison

Utilizing Internet technology and AI in real time
and contribute to the world through the development of instantaneous conversion technology

Dream the impossible dream
Then, with our interesting values and brains, we will make those dreams into possible dreams.

Company NameNOVIUS Inc.
Business DescriptionSales and Contract Development of IoT products that operate in AI x real-time.
Registered HQ OfficeEmbassy of Canada, 1F, 7-3-37 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan
Registration DayDecember 25, 2015
Founding DateMay 1, 2016
Capital20,000,000 yen

Main BankMitsubishi UFJ Bank
PresidentMs. Tomko Fujino
Inquiry mailinfo@novius.co.jp

Telephone81 (country code) 426 -83-1178


Dec. 2015NOVIUS Corporation registered capital of 20 million yen
May 2016Started business
July 2016Started development of signage and beacon linked application
May 2017Received an order from a major fruit and vegetable company to develop a prototype of the above
Oct. 2017Installed face recognition signage for a major chain company and acquired know-how of signage advertising.
Dec. 2017Started to develop age authentication system.
Feb. 2018Delivered one unit of face recognition signage to a major parts manufacturer.
May 2018Started developing real-time style transfer technology to convert live video to effected.
Jun 2019Concluded a technical partnership agreement with THINKPALM (Headquartered in India)
Aug 2019Obtained patent for real-time style transfer . Patent number: 6529102
Dec 2019Received Entrepreneurship Award from Asia-Japan Federation of Excellent Companies
Mar. 2021NVIDIA Inception partner

President & Founder

Tomoko Fujino

At the second year college, I registered NOVIUS Inc. on December 25, 2015 and started business in May in the following year. After starting the company, I continued to work as a freelance video editor. I had chance to know Koji Okawa who was multi-talented engineer and became the CTO, and after succeeding beacon-operated short-range communication technology, he became the operating officer of NOVIUS Corporation. He has a sincere personality and very motivated to develop AI x real-time image processing and IoT-related products. Very importantly, we share the same value of business perspective and goals. My goal for this year is to establish a branch office in Silicon Valley, USA.

Chief Technology Officer
& AI Developer

Koji Okawa

Graduated nuclear engineering of Kyoto University, Not only he becomes the Chief Technology Officer, but main AI developer and programmer of NOVIUS Inc. After passing the university entrance exam with almost perfect scores, he decided to work at a venture company in the future, and he mastered programming to solve advanced simulation systems by using Clay supercomputer. His specialty was mathematical thinking during his college year. Actually he was math guru, and his specialties were computational algorithm design and analysis, image information processing, artificial intelligence, and computer network. When NOVIUS Inc. was started business in 2016, he developed beacon-operated short-distance communication technology.

Global Marketing & Analyse

Ike Nakamine

Expert in international marketing. Born in Tokyo, Japan, he graduated from Harvard University with a B.A. in Mathematics and an M.A. in Economics. After working for a financial firm on Wall Street, he started his own business in the consulting field. After returning to Japan, he started his own business in the semiconductor industry. After returning to Japan, he started his own business in the semiconductor industry, and has worked with many famous Japanese companies.

Chief Operating Officer

Akihiro Fujino

After graduating from university with a degree in law, he worked for a financial venture company in Osaka, Japan and then worked as a sales representative in the logistics industry. Currently, he is the COO of NOVIUS where he is responsible for new business and development strategies, building a long-term vision, and has been responsible for the transformation of NOVIUS with his intuition and outstanding ability to take action. His recent achievement is to be recognized as an inception partner with NVIDIA.