-Novius’s Member-

Akihiro FUJINO

Hello.NOVIUS company INC.I had already graduated from a Japanese university famous law department.Moved from a japanese major logistics company and I have been NOVIUS president. When I was in logistics company, I learned logistics marketing technology and dating management, and I was originally interested in IT ventures (sales ratio, logistics cost, etc.), and I have a dream to acquire all the patents I have now as the world's first patents.

Koji Okawa

Executive officer responsible for technology and development.Graduated from Kyoto University. Has extensive programming knowledge on AI / VR / Animation / Smartphone technology, applied from basics, familiar with about 8 languages from existing languages

The above image is created in 30 to 1 hour with automatic image animation software “IKKYU”.(Creation time varies depending on PC specs and images used.) Fully automatically colorizes all materials.


Novius Inc is  IT venture company established in December 25 2015 and is the 4th year of its founding this year.We specialize in animation animation, applications, software, and cutting-edge IT development, and have acquired four patents, including domestic and overseas, related to these fields in our fourth year of business.

-Our Vision-

We would like to create various applications and new mechanisms of loT related technology by utilizing the technology and development ability so far. By using the patents we hold, we will continue to challenge the world and challenge the development of cutting edge such as AI and VR. Also, I hope that the patent-pending animation technology will be further refined and that there will be something in the world that no one has ever seen. And we have launched animation animated web site using WASM, the application range is wide AI development, 3D CAD, camera image, image, video game etc., we need to speed up and share our WASM technology We want to spread to the industry where it is said. (※ In the case of surveillance cameras, there are several dozen types of cameras in the market, but there is no need to download the app for each camera, and images can be shared.)