When you see it, you will be amazed!



Effecting on the video date in the server side for performing to be processed,
so serverr can be overloaded and making server to get down so often.

User Terminal


User Terminals

☑No processing applies in the server,
sending just data.(no calculations nor processing)
So there is no overloading issues on the sever.
Possibility of downing the sever is dramatically decreased and cut expenses in the use of server.
☑High speed processing due to “C” language transaction.
☑Since it’s processing on the user terminals as a binary, source code cannot be seen nor stolen.
・Hackers are hard to invade.

☑Due to processing at user’s terminals,Instead of by server, terminals or PC will consume more electric power and duration of operation will be shorten when battery is used in full.
☑Internet Explorer cannot be used in NOVY except Windows 10(Edge). Chrome, Safari and Fire Fox are used in this application.

Face Recognition can be done in Web by using surveillance camera. Installing softwarea into PC is “NO LONGER”needed.
The advantage of using WEB ASSEMBLY is that:
☑It is possible to use face detection in a video by using OPEN/CV without loading the server.
☑ The code can be written in C-language, also without loading the server (accordingly, in can also be used with WINDOWS applications).
☑ You can emphasize on your eyes, retrieve your face and send it somewhere.
☑ You can detect person’s suspicious movement and use it for theft prevention.
☑ You can also detect a specific face, for example, the face of a person who once caused a “problem” at a store before. Even if they do not use the application, you can use a web browser and see it any PC or smart phone.
☑ It is easy to make WEB as an application.

By using AI,even without asking server,
it can be create a feedback directly from the browser.

Applying effects during video playback,
browser that are not supported video playback is very effective.
Can be used where high speed is required.

Drrawing of 3D/CAD displays can make it the same function it appears the equivalent application on PCor terminals.

3D code wittern in OpenGL,
You can see it directly on the web.

Playing with a conventtional web
(waiting for a while after requesting date).
In new technology,it can be displayed immediately by pressing the buttons and more interactive than ever.