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Realtime Animation 8 seconds No sound

Realtime Animation 8 seconds No sound

Realtime Animation 11 seconds No sound

What is AI x streaming video conversion?

  First technology that can convert live-action video in real   

       time by and streaming that utilizes real-time conversion technology


Image PlatForm

With 5G, a large amount of data can be transferred instantly. A large amount of data can be sent quickly and in a short time for viewing with video conversion

AI image platform is characterized by TV images regardless of the type of devices. You can convert ad apply effect videos from You Tube, internet TV, other video sites.


①Smart Phone


③Standard PC


How to utilizetion

We are currently live demo broadcasting in our website. In the upper right corner of the screen. It is an actual TV image, and Screen on which a large image is converted in real time as converted and effected. Please note that the image thru internet is slightly deteriorated from the actual image.


Edge AI + GaN is an unique system that allows you to view streaming videos in your favorite image style. For example, conversion of Van Gogh "Starry Night" and Pikavia "Udini" causes AI to learn one piece of teacher data. The video is converted in real time according to those effects. Makoto Shinkai and Hayao Miyazaki as animators. It is a technology that delivers live video conversions of effects using TV broadcasting. It is a live streaming that you can enjoy the various effects by converting live-action videos in real time. Streaming converter that can be used for You Tube, NetFlix, Net TV, etc. No human editing or processing is in essence required. Not only live conversion by animator and artist's painting, but also streaming conversion according to the style drawn by a cartoon artist.

The industrial use is to detect the unsteady state reflected on the surveillance camera in real time and to detect the unsteady state. The cropping technology can also be processed at high speed on the same image platform. Our Ai x image platform is suitable for development of video conversion, object detection, image classification, image detection, image segmentation, etc.