Akihiro Fujino/CEO

Since its foundation in 12/25/2015 (a Christmas company), Novius Company has founded as AI & IoT venture company by three motivated men and a young woman who was merely junior year in college. Our actual company operation has begun back to April of 2016. As a result of our "one-stop" solutions, which combine multi-vendor services that are independent of specific offering an extensive array of AI products, we have now became AI based solution provider in Japan.

The mission statement of Novius represents an internal and external declaration of its IT invention, advanced AI development and raison d'etre in terms of its mission, goals and principles.

In line with this statement, we pursue solutions that are optimal from the customer's perspective by providing complex system proposals and comprehensive plans that expand the existing domain of solutions, allowing us to grow with our customers. We also seek to be a leading-edge enterprise that contributes to the creation by actively cultivating management in harmony with society and nature as a top priority.

Maintaining close customer relationships and living up to their expectations are the keys for growing with our customers and the context for one of our major corporate goals: constantly transforming Novius to earn public recognition and respect as an enterprise based on the principle, "The Customer First." This has been our corporate stance from the very beginning and expresses the same spirit of challenge as a proud corporate principal


Koji Okawa/CTO

NOVIUS COMPANY is starting AI development using various programming languages. And Koji Okawa is in charge of the team leader, and he develops using these languages. He loves cup yakisoba and Japanese anime, and the more he speaks, the more interesting he will be.He graduated from Kyoto University